whats that ?


Saw this last night @ Quaker Steak and Lube.

2010-04-07 20.04.00.jpg

2010-04-07 20.03.41.jpg
How the?

a 636 tail transplant?

and 636 wheels?!!?1 my brain just blew a fuse im so lost.

If I can remember right, that first bike was built by a board member. It's a wrecked 'Busa that he traded for. I am pretty sure that it's a members bike. The paint job just looks to familar.
I was at the lube last night got to talk to the owner of the streetfighter its a busa with a kawi tail and bking headlight hey resident i was the guy with the silver busa you talked to when i was leaving it was nice ill probably be there next week also
i think the 1st photo is a busa project from a member on this board. i recognize the paint scheme and the bike looks real familiar. :whistle:
Personally, I like it... Hybrid did a great job with it... Esp with what it started as... :thumbsup:
that's the one. very nicely done too. he even had a fat guy stand on that custom rear subby. it's a solid bike.