What kind of snake is this?

What kind of snake is this?

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Anyone know for sure what type of snake this is?

100 % Corn Snake. Hope you did not kill it as they are non-venomous and excellent in keeping mice & rats away from your home/yard.
Corn Snake:

Coming from a Territory Manager at T-Rex Products...me.

It was a lot bigger than my Yorkie was so I didn't take any chances. I walked the dog outside and as soon as I stepped out of the house there it was in my driveway. A little surprise for both of us. My first thought was copperhead, but after looking at the internet I could tell it did not look like the markings of a copperhead. We seem to be getting a few more snakes this year, I saw my neighbor kill a rattler 2 days ago (no doubt what that was).
suppose better safe than sorry but a bucket over the reptile till you can find out what it is works pretty darn good for future reference... RIP rat eater... :)
Thanks for the info, I feel a little better about walking through my swamp area of the woods with shorts and flip flops now. :poke: Just kidding.
Busamom...I don't want to bring up a touchy subject, but is there a story behind your name?
Corn Snake, like stated previously they help out. Don't know about the bucket idea :laugh:
Busamom, that is the most heart touching thread I have ever read. I am very sorry about your loss.
Busamom...I don't want to bring up a touchy subject, but is there a story behind your name?
Yeah, My son was killed on his busa,and I'm here cause he cant be,I just found this org a few weeks ago,and one of his friends put his obit in here. A rider MPHDRAG.. I would like to know what happen to mphdrag also.. I just wanted to thank him. So thats my story behind the name, However, A rider here,my friend Hal, would like to see me change that name,guess in time i will. Anyway, feel free so see the pics of my son in (fallen member) Jorge Monsalve.. Ride safe .. Much love to ya... Kare, ( JM-Busa's ) MOM.. And feel free to stop in and say hello anytime.. Later
Is it true that non venomous snakes keep away the venomous types? Wife loves snakes and stated that if the eyes are ROUND it is a non venomous snake. If the eyes are diamond like and sunken in, almost cat eye'd, they are venomous. Told her that any snake to me is a dead snake. She killed two copper head snakes this past week, one of which under our front door stoop and needless to say she was trying to make me understand the differance between the two w/ her "pet" garden snake. Her pet garden snake got tangled in some deer netting and died. Should of took pics of the two. Was a pretty good lesson none the less.
I hate and/or fear all snakes, won't take the time to consider which type it is. Mr. Hoe....meet Mr. Snake..
Thats a corn snake.....relative of a gopher/bull snake. Its a shame folks are so ridiculously misguided and un-informed when it comes to snakes :( That thing was as harmless as they come...and they make awesome pets. I have 2 pet milksnakes that are awesome little creatures. My wife had the typical un-informed approach when I first met her and was scared to death of them. Now she holds them more than me. And they like her more as well :laugh:
There's no need to kill every snake you see. The only venomous snakes in north america are rattelsnakes or coral snakes. If it doesn't have rattles and a wide head, or is ringed with red/yellow/black...then it can't hurt you :;): Now fer gods sake's quit killing helpless snakes :disagree: Snakes like that corn actually help keep the rodent population in control. Those snakes are harmless to us.........but the diseases that rodents can carry can kill us :;):