what kind of bike?


I'm 16 years old and I want a bike. I took the course and passed. Im 5 8 and 135. I'm thinking a gsxr 600. Ive been riding for about 2 years.
I'm 16 years old and I want a bike. I took the course and passed.  Im 5 8 and 135.  I'm thinking a gsxr 600.  Ive been riding for about 2 years.
get a turbo'd nitros Busa . its the only way to fly .

kiddin...most r gonna tell ya sv 650 .

me...I wouldnt own a suzuki if they were free....


hav a good 1.....RSD.
Two Years experiance is good, a GSXR 600...uh probably ok, but it comes down to you. If you think you have the maturity and self discipline buy the Gixxer. Or probably a better route, find a 1990 something CBR 600 and go from there. They last forever, are pretty darned forgiving and are a hoot to ride. Get something inexpensive, keep some money in your pockets so you can still buy some cool riding gear and tires for track days...then you can really have some fun...

Just a thought...
I kinda like the early 90's Honda VFR 750's for a starter, but that's just me.......they're very realiable, very forgiving, very comfortable, quite cheap, sound cool, and look good.
Great beginer bike. :beerchug: :thumbsup:
My first street bike was a 98 CBR 600 and I loved it. I rode it for two years and traded it in for the Busa with over 30000 miles on it.
SO i should go with a honda huh.  So whats better the VFR 750 or the CBR 600
The CBR 600 has a little more dedicated....."scrunched up" riding position.......power is about the same on both unless you get a newer 600 bout 96 and up......then they'll have  more ponies and a less pounds.
The VFR is a very comfortable bike and sounds quite nice.

Personal preference thing really.......try them both b4 ya buy. :thumbsup:  :beerchug:
Think Monster hit it on the head,had a VFR it was a great bike to ride and it was earlier version than that.
Cbr600 f3's are great, fast look good, easy to ride. An old gixxer 600 would be fine too. Just be careful man, them things are faster than they feel.
The VFR's pre V-TEC anyway had a real sweet sound. V-4, gear driven cams...Really nice noise. The CBR 600 may be a better way to go if weight is much of a concern, but either will be plenty of bike for anyone. Hell I still want to find an older VFR just to ride once in awhile... Sweet sounds...
My choice would be ( and was ) the CBR600 f4. It's a great looking bike with the allo frame and is very forgiving to ride, also when your ready you can open her up and touch 150's. Good grounding for a Busa next year . :devil:

Oh yeah and they just keep going for miles.....
i agree with revlis.go out and find someone who decided to impulse buy a cbr600 and realized he wasn't into it,you,d be surprised how many you can find with less than 5000mi on them.go cheap,get spendy when you find a bike that you want to keep for a while...600's get over worked quickly...get the cbr...cause 16yo chicks dig c.b.r.,vfr's are for engineers and pre bmw riders(sic)
ohh,and park that bad boy in front of the principals office(less likely to get trashed by the envious,kids can be so cruel)