What Clutch to buy?  Please help

Daddy Fatsac

Ok...I'm making a serious engine upgrade. With all the additional power I SHOULD be getting I figured I needed a new clutch as well. But I've been hearing different stories about the clutches. One said Barnet clutches drag(mean if you squeeze the clutch all the way in it will still move forward w/o giving gas). So I was like ok...so I'll buy a A.P.E. clutch pack. And another guy said ehh...those are good...but not better than Barnet clutches. So please tell me what your using OTHER than stock.

I posted this in another thread...but I think this belongs here.
I am running an MTC 2-stage lock-up clutch in my Turbo. Only thing is that at 6k and above, it gets difficult (nearly impossible) to pull in the clutch. Since I learned to shift with an airshifter or just snapping it clutchless, it works great!
Oh...my Busa set up will be none turbo. I sure don't want anything looking up after 6k. I usually ride 5k and above, so that wouldn't be healthy. LoL But thanks for the info.