I need help with clutches!

Daddy Fatsac

Ok...I'm making a serious engine upgrade. With all the additional power I SHOULD be getting I figured I needed a new clutch as well. But I've been hearing different stories about the clutches. One said Barnet clutches drag(mean if you squeeze the clutch all the way in it will still move forward w/o giving gas). So I was like ok...so I'll buy a A.P.E. clutch pack. And another guy said ehh...those are good...but not better than Barnet clutches. So please tell me what your using OTHER than stock. Thank you in advance!
For serious Horse Power increases ditch the stock set-up! Look for billet or welded......(You will need to upgrade more than just plates/springs.....). I think most of the major aftermarket company's offer kits. I've heard good things about Brock, Schnitz, AFM, & Motorhead. Some suggest switching to cable (AFM), Also upgrade the clutch slave support (Motorhead). Might want to look at upgrading the Hub/basket...............Ks
Here ya go.

Call here and speak to Brock himself.

DO NOT use any clutch plates, STEELS or FIBERS, other than stock Suzuki parts!
If you have access to a welder, weld up the 2 inner pieces that make up the stock "lockup". If you don't know what that is, let me know and I'll take a picture of 1 for you. That will keep it from jerking off the line. The Brock clutch cushion is a great device that works for drag racing and only cost about $170?, Or so.

I am assuming tat you are drag racing?

What year is it and what mods are you doing to the engine?
I can't leave things alone.
Here's the piece that you need to have welded.
Brock also sells a billet piece to replace this one that looks just like it, but it's kinda high and no better. But, if you don't have a welder available, it's a good way to go.

Alright I'm not using this bike for dragging purposes. Its mainly for street racing time to time and lots of corners!! These upgrades are mainly to ward of any that think they can straight out beat me on the street(GSXR 1000). So basically I need a clutch that can handle the power but is everyday friendly as well. So heres the list of upgrades to engine only:

Yoshimura stage 1 cams, Wiseco 13:1 std pistons, Carrillos Rods, Crank Stroked and lighted(adds 112cc), Springs, Valves, oil pump gear, and Scotts metal oil filter. Its a 2000 model(blue/sliver).

So is Brock's Cushion kit what I need?
The billet one piece clutch mod will suffice, (or weld it).
It will allow you to leave the stop lights without the bike locking up and jerking and the instant wheelie. It allows you to slide the clutch some.
The Cushion is for more extreme drag racing. It would help, but not a necessity!
That combo will run great!
You will need heavy duty clutch springs AND a clutch slave support!!!
The support will keep you from cracking the piece that the clutch slave is mounted too with the added pressure of the heavy springs.

Use OEM Suzuki clutch plates!!!!!

These people have everything you need.

Alright are these the samething? The one you spoke of for $139 and springs $20 w/the clutch core. Is this the same as the MRE - Hayabusa - Clutch Modification (Billet) w/Springs
for $199 w/o core? I would rather go with the second one being that I don't have to worry about sending in core and shipping from Japan. BUT if the other one is the "Real Deal" I'll spend the extra money on shipping it there.
Sleeperbusa check out the message above this. I didn't want this getting to far down the chain and forgotten. I'm waiting for your reply before ordering.
I found out which one was better...I called up schnitzracing and told me the BDE is welded and MRE is ONE piece. So if you guys get a clutch mod go with MRE and they come with the race springs as well. Oh and one important fact you don't have to send in your old core!
I believe that Brock sells a billet 1 piece also, but YES, the MRE is the 1 you are looking for!

You will enjoy it!
What do you know about the clutch support mod? Schnitz has two for sell. One for $44 and one for $59. The one for $59 covers more area. But is it covering area that needs to be protected? I'm leaning toward the $59 one it looks to be stronger to me. Just from looks! hehe
Yeah, the Exotic Cycles one is prolly stronger.
I have THEMOTORHEAD one for my bike.
THEMOTORHEAD designed them and Schnitz STOLE them before he had a Patent Pending on it.
Sucks, but it's just a business to them.

Anyway, either will do perfectly.
I would go with the $59 myself.
Don't delay tho, the big springs WILL break the cover eventually , without it.

Those girls at Schnitz know their stuff, huh?
Their sales staff is.

The good thing is, when they don't know something, they go ask!
They don't give you a BS answer, or an "I don't know". They find out and don't get an attitude!
Now I need to know something else dealing with this clutch mod. I read on Hayabusazone.com it says that when down shifting it "can" lock up the back wheel. So my question is how will this mod handle on the street? I don't want to be downshifting into a corner and the BAM my back wheel locks up, that would be TERRIBLE! So is this a drag racing part only?