West Coast Bound 10/19/18 for MCRD San Diego


This Friday starts my journey from Houston Texas to the west coast . My son Hunter will be graduating MCRD on 10/26 at the young age of 18 . Planned many stops along the way to see friends from this forum , and ZRXOA forum . I'll be posting photos of the trip here as phone signal,and time permits me to . The bird aka Ram Jam has been ready since 9/27 , and packed since last week . Never been a last minute get ready kind of person,but at times my OCD gets the best of me . Set tire pressure tonight with a chain wipe down / lube . What bugs me is Rain forecast for first 700 miles on day one is quiet high . Not that I mind getting wet , but it bugs me more the bird will get dirty.
Looking at maps my basic no extra riding at all will be 3400 miles over 9 days with very little riding on 10/25 family day at MCRD . I think though with some group riding that is planned will be closer to 4000 to 4200 total miles . Hope, and pray to have a event free trip . :)


Sounds like that trip will be one to remember! I’ll also be on the rode for a few weeks soon, but on a cage, not in the busa.


You need to roll your old decrepit self over to my place . . .

Bryan is here on Sunday & we got GREAT weather !

J & M speed center has FREE doughnuts •

Let’s roll over there early .

Red, *<(;{)-
This Sunday,the 21st?

What's up with that J&M joint,isn't that a car shop?You guys should head over this way and we'll hit the Lookout/Hells Kitchen.

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