Went up against a 2003 ZX12 finally


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Well there we were ,my freind and I enjoying the foliage and warm weather( almost 80) yesterday up here in Northern Vt.
All of a sudden they appear in my rear views coming up fast.
Even then I know it is a 12 from the headlights and it's extreme height.
well I know my buddy isn't up for this one(he rides a Kawi also)
So of we go on a 20 miles run on a secondary roads with nothing but farms around,lots of twisties and straights along our path.
And I am proud to announce that nowhere not once were they able to outperform our mighty Busa.
So whoever is keeping the score card mark up another for Suzuki.
P.S gave them another 8 miles at it with coaching before hand on where you can reach up to 170 on a 1 and a half mile uphill straight in to Smugglers' notch and they could each only get 150 to my 168. they blamed it on there gearing as I am thinking about what a better torque machine I have.
Tim: How would you rate the riding skill of the guy on the 12 that you raced? :super: What is your riding skill level? Would you say that you both were pretty comparable in skill? Has a lot to do with the outcome of riding against a 12. Sounds like you took care of business though, good job dude! :cool:

Good job.

Since we have such a big "Win" list...I wonder if the Kawi site has an as big "Sore loosers" list...If not we could post there and suggest one. You know, just to help them figure things out a bit. Chris
Well, Pilot as for my riding skills with the Busa I would say that I am becoming profecient,Damn thing scared the pooh out of me for about the first 3000 miles, I moved up from a Bandit 1200 I had for about a year and a half. I have had big cc bikes since I bought a Ninja 900 in 86 , and I have ridden since the tender age of 6 when I had a Rupp bandit mini-bike with a 2 and a half hp Briggs and Stratton and centrifical clutch.
So with me now it is pretty much about the day,sometimes the force is there other times not.
As for the 12 riders they had 10 years each also on litre + bikes.