Rolled up n smoked a ZX12 last eve!


Da crew rolled and staged until everone was on board for a local ride round. 29 total showed up. We headed to the warehouse district for a little action/fun first.

The madlion started up with a few standups, two up standups, a few tank rides, etc. Then one by one, two by two the reckless op practice started. Lil "D" tried practicen his air shift wheelies when he saved a tank slapper by "THIS" much when his air shifter caused a 12 o'clock. Whew it was close. We did a few drag races and headed to the highway, when Ole ZX showed up braggen.

Brah-man on a ZX12 boasted no one could take em...

Everyone thru my name in the the hat.

We went way out on the highway about 30 deep.

The TWO up finger/hand signal went up with the finger pointen us, ICEMANN and the Twelve.

I never seen a more beautiful Choreographed race track form in seconds in my life.

The crew fanned out in two evenly spaced lines out ahead of us taking both lanes. Bikes on the far left berm edge, and the far right berm edge, as the two of us slowed to 2nd gear at about 30 mph for a rolling start.

Having a spread of two lines with a huge hole up the Gauntlet for about a mile. Three bikes in the back blocking traffic and two ahead at the end, no one could change lanes or cut us off, It was just so pretty. It formed in seconds.

The lead bike brake lights and smoke was the signal.

The smoke and light show lit up, everyone hit their horns and off we were.

I never realized how going two up on the rear gear made such an aggressive difference. I immediately grabbed three bike lengths and left em. The green line I added on my custom tac 9k-11k really paid off keeping me from red lining each gear w/a glance. (just like a red line but its green for visual glance)

We got up to about 170-185 indicated w/yellow boxes. I glanced behind and saw the lines collapsing behind us so traffic could move. I have to admit with all the harrassment brah man got he was quick to bow down w/grace. I also found it would be pretty hard to get a "speed clock" with all the "blocker" bikes.

Had a blast, oh and that was my first street race. No one got hurt, minimized risk.
Sounds like AWESOME fun!!!!! We'll try that here in Iowa someday if we can get the cows off the road [yes I'm kidding]
Man that rocks. sounds like you guys are having a blast. i havent had any serious competition from another bike (guess the word is out) but i have smoked a few fast and the surious cars. dumb kids