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Hey folks,
We were contacted by 2 Wheel Tuner a couple of years ago about advertising on the site and we are just now finishing those discussions. I would like to let you all know that we are the only Hayabusa website or forum that 2WT is partnering with so that makes us exclusive with a magazine... The folks at 2WT have done some great things and the folks from 2WT will be here asking for infomation and using the forum to get content for the magazines. We will be helping them promote the all mighty Hayabusa and hopefully we will be able to get the members that want in the magazine that have those crazy chrome and HP bikes a direct way to 2 Wheel Tuner so they can show your bikes off. I have been working with Kristina at the magazine and as always I asked her about her company and what they do. Here is a quick Bio for you all.


2Wheel Tuner Magazine ( 2Wheel Tuner Magazine-Custom Sportbike-Custom Streetfighter-Custom Motorcycle Magazine-Sportbike Magazine-Superbike Magazine-Models-Photos-Video-Advertising-Motorbike Magazine-Motorcycle Stunts-Drag Racing ) came on the scene in 2004 and since then has forged the path to a new generation of sportbike enthusiasts…if you’re interested in aftermarket tuning, drag racing, roadracing and professional stunting – then you need to be reading 2Wheel Tuner.

We want you to see the best modified bikes from across the globe, a litany of aftermarket products and gear, tons of helpful technical articles, and interviews with intriguing personalities from the sportbike world.

2Wheel Tuner is dedicated to helping make your bike look better and go faster.
2WHEEL TUNER staff includes some of the biggest names in the business:

2Wheel Tuner is excited to partner with Hayabusa.org and to present its members with a special subscription offer. Visit 2wtmag.com to find out more about 2Wheel Tuner.

The banners are up, there are some specials on subscriptions going on right now so get em while the deals are good.

I am very confident that Hayabusa.org will be covered a few times each year (For those that didn't know we have been before) and there will probably be an article about the busa bash after the event is over.

Please welcome the group with me.....




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welcome to the .org 2wheel. I love the mag, and 2 for one deal I might just have to subscribe. Shouldn't we be enforcing the pic rule on this one? :thumbsup: :laugh:
The only mag I like too :beerchug:

Looking for that subscription deal now
Found it and bought it.
They offer an additional issue if you pay with your credit card too :thumbsup:

Thanks Cap and the crew at TWT for offering up this great deal.
Great news. I am in the middle of a 2 year subscription and I really enjoy the magazine and TV Show.

Now how about getting Jason and the crew to the Spring Bash. What a great story that would be? Also it fits very well with the segments they produce.
Sweet! Welcome to the greatest Hayabusa place on (and off) the planet!