Welcome new advertiser 2Wheel Tuner Magazine

:welcome: ................ but to be honest never read bought or seen the mag on a shelf down here:whistle:
Can we still get three years for $8 ????, or whatever that deal was.....someone PM me with the details.... :super:
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Small steps my young paddawan! They probably won't be at the bash, I am figuring we will send the information and pics to them once the event is over.

humm. I wonder if there would be any interest in footage from my rolling TV studio??? :laugh:
Very Sick! :welcome: Awesome magazine, can someone please post a link or tell me where to find the subscription sign up at? Thx :beerchug:
NEVER MIND....... i found it lol.
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Just signed up, good deal, two for the price of one. :thumbsup::cheerleader:Thanks Capt. for bringing them aboard, you did them a favor.:laugh: