Water wetter


The bike school I'm going to in June says drain the coolant and replace with water and Water Wetter ( 2 capfulls?). Is this really going to cool efficiently on the track ( I don't ride hard)? I don't want to overheat my new baby.

Use the green water wetter as the pink is for adding to your existing coolent. Just drain you radiator and replace with the water wetter it cools better than stock it just doesn't have the protection chemicals in it to help prevent radiator corrosion......................I use the pink along with regular coolent and have had no problems my bike actually runs cooler.........................Knebnr
i know nothin about the product, but i would go with Knebnr's suggestion and use that one along with the coolant. u dont want to put just water and that stuff in ur system if it wont protect against corrosion.
I was hoping to get some feed back I just got some pink but I havn't installed yet
Pink is designed to run with your existing coolent. Just add pink to your cooling system. Follow the directions and add the correct amount for the size of you cooling system. Water wetter green is for complete replacement of you cooling systems coolent and is designed for the race track where they do not want conventional coolent in you system......Knebnr.
The latest and greatest is to use "engine ice". It's water and ingrediants all in one it's the one that got my temps down, and works better then water wetter! Engine ice
You forgot to indicate if this engine ice can be used on the race track in place of coolent as they will not let you run coolent in the engine on track day.......................Knebnr
I was going to install the water wetter went with engine ice instead haven't really seen a difference.The engine ice is biodegradeble I dont think it has glycol in it.I will check with NESBA to see if its allowed on the track
I'm pretty sure its allowed on the Track, since thats the only place i've seen it sold. My question though is "does it make a significant difference" on the street???????
Pro AMA racers use it its ok on the track.I'm not sure how well it works on the street I haven't noticed a significant change during street riding.I'll keep monitoring and give feedback
Please forgive my ignorance, but what is their motivation for changing radiator coolant?

My guess is it's one of two things:

1. Easier to clean off the track in the event of a crash. Or...
2. An environmental enforcement.


Little bit of all, but the biggest reason...

Have you ever slipped on coolant? Nasy slides and hard to get off the track.
Where did you buy your engine ice????? Just replaced the exhaust and I figured I would do it the easy way and remove the radiator.....so much easier to get to the manifold retainers. Thought I'd try the wetter or ice. Just wanted to cut to the chase in finding it.

By the way, if your going to replace the coolant with water, It is best to go to the supermarket and buy DISTILLED water. Distilled water is basically deionized water and will not react with the metal inside the radiator. Tap water has all types of ions floating around in it including chlorine, Iron, calcium, nitrates but to name a few. This is where your corrosion comes from. Just remember that water freezes and if you allow it to do so in the winter Your radiator will bloat up like a ball park frank and this would be the minimum damage that could occur

I also to the time to personalize the bike a little with some unique paint work. I'll post some pics if anyone is interested