Was just wondering


Capt. missed the longest thread in history!!!  Even a crash can't make this thread die!!!!  Do I hear a second on that?

Guess what I just did, I just started the post war thead back up and its time to run for the numbers!!! Thats right everybody!! LET THE POSTING BEGAIN!!!

Hopefuly this one will get just as interesting as the last and go on forever like its predasesor!!!

R.I.P to the old "just wondering" post. I will miss you.

Let The Games Begain!!
sled, sorry man, would have posted hear but I was busy making my own re-post. sorry, so which thread do we continue with? yours or mine??
one poster down, like thrity more to go to realy get this thing started back up!!
wait a dog gone min. I just caught on. Who merged the two post? Sorry, Im a little slow today, been a long week.
guess we use this one huh Jester??
SO where do we start this thread? How was turkey day dude? Mine was great...its the week after so far that has sucked!

feel like rip van winkle... gone so long, dont know what to do...

favorite pic in my arsenal! Virgin Hayabusa!

It's good to see this post being reborn.. It was a fairly interesting read when nothing else was going on.

So whats on everybodies christmas list for the 'busa or riding related?

to match Cache.. my fav pic so far.
But I didn't get the D&D on because I forgot to order the Pair valve removal kit from reaper. Ordered that and got in too late to put on.