Videos are back


Dis in my way!
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OK Guys vids are back up, thank Dustin for the new script..... Send me the videos if you want them posted.. We are going to seperate them in the near future with drop downs for catagories of different types of videos. We are blocking the videos so that you have to be a member of the site too. There will not be any links allowed from other websites either. We are trying to save what bandwidth we can for the members of the site.

Good Job Dustin

first com first serve on the bandwidth, we are adding a feature that will load balance bandwidth to a certain number of users at the same time.....

Okay, its tied into the forums now. I think i've about got the bugs worked out. Sorry for those of you who were in the middle of downloading when I was messing with it. Just remember to be patient with the dload speeds until we get the bandwith limiter runing.