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Okay one of the request that we received recently was to have a section just for videos. We wanted to not only meet that request but exceed it. One of the problems that we see over and over is how hard it is to deal with as much data that is entered in the site each day, week, and year. How to organize it becomes very difficult. There is currently no way to find all of the videos that have been added so this feature will allow us to keep all of the videos in the same place for review but yet still offer the ability to discuss and talk about them. We added a new feature to the site called the Videos section, this will enable members to go and browse videos with them all being in one place. You can still have conversations but how you enter your videos is going to change over the next couple of days.

I put together a simple how to so that you all know how to add a video... You can use any more hosting companies this way too... With all of the videos being in one place it will make keeping track of them easier too.....

In the near future you will not have the ability to enter videos unless you go to this new area, just think of it as the way to share videos....

Let's get to it...

1. Go to youtube or whatever host you are using, we are currently prepared to handle the following hosters.


I am going to use youtube because most use it... Once you are looking at the video then click on the share button below the video, a new box will appear with a link. Copy the link and then come back to like you normally would.

Once you see the forum page go to the top right of the screen and under the area where your name is shown you will see a text link that says "Videos", click that.

A new page will come up and you will see many thumbnails of videos on the screen. On the top right corner again you will see a button that says "Add Video", click on that and a new screen will come up.

The first box is the name of the video that you want to put with the post, just like a new topic on any other thread you are going to give a name to this video... Make sure that you use the pull down menu and you choose what catagory that you want the video to go into, please help us keep things organized it will help when we have hundreds of videos linked. The next box is where you paste the link that you saved from the video hoster. The middle of the screen looks just like every other time you have posted a thread on the forum, just enter whatever you have to say in the big white area, you can use smileys too, all the functions work the same. On the bottom of the screen you will see a white box that says tags. Enter some keywords so that others can find this video by just searching for a keyword. You will also be introduced to a new feature called a cloud search. We will get to that later!

Next put a check box in the area that ask if you want to automatically create a thread in the videos section, this will create a new topic with your video embedded so that others can reply.

The last thing is to just click on the "Add Video" button and in seconds you will see your post added in the new Videos section in the forum. Members can see the videos in the forum using the new post feature, browsing the forums or going to the new videos section....


Good luck guys, give me feedback on catagories that you think we need...





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Oh yeah.... You can watch the videos on tapatalk too...

Can I load more than one video into same thread ?
It seems to me I can only do one at a time and if I have two videos of similar subject I have to create two 'new video threads' ?
You should be able to, just use the youtube tags and copy and paste the "share" link.

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If in the videos forum and I click 'new thread' I can add YouTube videos and more than one no problem . If same way I click the blue 'V' next to YouTube sign is that not Vimeo ? And if so from Vimeo what info do I place between the links ?
I got it to work by doing it the way Cap said, by clicking 'videos' tab up top and then 'new video'.
There is only one 'URL' box here so you cannot load more than one video there , correct ?
For vimeo, just copy and paste the url in the same line you insert the youtube link. I have several vimeo clips up.

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Oh, and if you are using the vimeo tags, just paste the video number only. The video number is the last number in the url. I think its a 5 digit.

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