VEGAS!!! Hayabusa GTG Post...Please Read If Going!


Here is the final post regarding the HAYABUSA VEGAS RUN!!!

As a group, we are meeting in Las Vegas (Duh!) at HOOTERS on Friday night at 8pm. If you are coming from out of town, make sure that you are in the right time zone, or you will be really early. Doc_Busa has rides worked out, as he is local to the area. If you are going, please post here

on this site to let me know if you are going, as I probably won't have time to check this, or any other boards. Also, email me your info, like cell phone #, emergency contact or any other info...I am making a master list so everyone can keep in contact, and if anything goes wrong, we can deal with it.

My email is

The meeting place for Friday night is HOOTERS. From hwy 15, exit Sahara Ave., and travel west. That is left if you are coming from California, and right if you are coming from Utah. Then, travel 2.75 miles and it is on the left side (you will have to make a U-turn). Here is a link to HOOTERS web site...

If you have any Cell # is (310) 770-1262.


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Yes folks, Hooters is having our EVENT! They will have special parking for the bikes at 8pm and the special events room is ours! This will be a great time for folks to meet each other. Sterling is a pro at this stuff so I will follow his lead.

It seems our best bet is to meet at Hooters, then decide where to meet the next morning. If you are going, drop me an email and I will give you my full contact info (whooa) in case you can not make Hooters and need to know the poop.

We have another establishment hosting us for Saturday night, but parental discretion is advised....

See ya soon,


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