Vegas if you are going


As you well are supposed to be Las Vegas in a little over a week. Along with making this as fun as possible with a Hooters thing and rides worked out by DocBusa, I also would like to make this as safe as possible.

I know you may find this kind of corny, but if you could email me at the following information:

Screen Name:
Real Name:
Cell Phone #:
Emergency Contact:
Bike License Plate, year, color:

Now...let me explain each of those.

Screen Name: because that is how most of us know each other.

Real Name: Because we want to know the real you...and in case something happens to you, we don't want to be telling the ambulace driver your name is "BigBaddassBusa".

Cell Phone #: So we can keep in touch over the weekend.
Emergeny Contact: This should be obvious...but in the event something should happen to you...we can contact the right person to come pick up your ass.

License Plate #: In the event you ride off into the desert and somehow get separated from your bike...or your bike gets separated from it's self....we know who to look for.
You can include any of the above info...I am just looking out for the group.

Additionally, in your response, indicate what day you are leaving, and from where. At some point prior to the day. Doc and I will post a meeting place and time...hopefully with a map for Friday night so that we can all "get the party started".
I look forward to meeting all of you, and riding our collective asses off.



Hey guys what is the agenda. I'm asking because it may be a one or two day trip if I ca make it. Come friday leave sat night or early sunday.




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FatJap, the tentative agenda is posted on the other Vegas thread. Just do search on Vegas and it will pop up.

As far as a firm agenda, I will work with Sterling on that. Hooters has not returned my email and my mechanic who has connections to the drag strip is on vacation until Thursday. So, that is where I stand.

As far as daily rides, what time do folks want to get started in the morning??? Since it is Vegas, I was thinking around 10am with everyone on their own for breakfast. What do you think?

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It might be best to just plan the rides, designate a meeting place and time and everyone will have to make sure they get there.

Breakfast? We don't need no stinking Breakfast!


Did I hear Original Pancake House, or the Egg & I? 10am sound like a reasonable start time, as it is Vegas and one tends to stay up a bit late there.



10AM!!! I will still be up from the night before.i say more like 3pm. or i might just take a bottle of NO DOSE and not sleep at all.


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Hi Doc..probably can't make it yer way...for this one...but who's going to Infinion....May 10th i think..Hawaii is is Sierra flyer..and maybe a few others..last year my buddy and i made the trip..two nites in a motel..first time at sea level with Busa..OMG...
If I go's a one day trip for me..leave early from home
races over 5ish..jam home before dark..perfect..advil works good for this trip....let me know who's going..


Are there any FIRM plans yet?
Rides? Times? Places? Hotels?
Sure, there will be a bunch of Hayabusa riders in 'Vegas. Are we just gonna listen for each other, and look around, or are we gonna know where everyone will be at most times?
What's the PLAN, man?

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