Vegas Leaving Times


Ok...The Thursday leaving time is no later than 1pm....and we are meeting at the Valley Bike Nite location. If you don't know where that is...go here.

and look and the "where we meet" section.

As far as the Friday group...they are meeting at the bottom of Angeles Crest...and I don't know what time. Perhaps FullTilt or NickSlick could chime in and post that time.

Everyone be safe, and we will see you at Hooters Friday night!

Oh how I wish... You guyz have fun & take lots o pics for the rest of us. - Kent
Hey guys, Owen arrived safely... although I almost hurt him at the Irish pub last night... becareful out there.!
Oh really? hehe, he's in the garage so I logged on...
He didn't know you can't hurt an Irish guy in and Irish pub. shh, here he comes!