upgraded to brock alien head


Finally. got the brock alien head with pc3 and brock map with the airbox mod. Installed by EPC here in dayton. Fine job they did. here is the pic

brock 001.jpg
Nice, I may go that route one day. I have a 2008 busa and if I change to the brocks, it willbe the 4th exhaust: stock, Yoshi R-77 slip-ons, Voodoo shorties.
How does it sound? Im between brocks alien head and roraring toys mega phone... I want the boz brothers moira I believe it was called but they discontinued it. I just want a short exhaust for my 05 and in black preferably Im trying to stay blingless.



the sound is fantastic. I dont have the baffle and i dont think its too loud. when i go down my street i do it in a higher gear and it just purrs along. has a deep kind of growl. but not too loud. i honestly think my 2 bro slip ons were louder at low speed. just not as deep. but when you stick it, thats when she wakes up and man its awsome. and i think it is like 8 pounds or something. i noticed the weight difference right away. performance was a no brainer. huge improvement.:beerchug:
Excellent yea I need sound or loudness here in the Bay folks dont recognize bike enough and the louder the pipes the better off you are safety wise...... But I have to check the website cuz I'd have to have mine in black.

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