Undertail Concept


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Has anyone ever put a different color undertail on their Busa. For example, used a Silver undertail on the Blue/Silver Bike? Can anyone with photoshop knowledge show me how that would look?

Gixx or Silvio, maybe you could chime in here.

If you've seen a Competion Workes eliminator installed you can kind of imagine what a different color would look like...Their eliminator is polished aluminum and shines at the rear under side...Looks kind of cool...But if I were going to do it I would stay with the primary color...Just my flavor...
Where can I find this Competition Works Eliminator? I will try the internet, but if you have a link let me know.

My partner "Whoa" put one on his 02 SE and it looks really good...
My partner "Whoa" put one on his 02 SE and it looks really good...[/QUOTE]

What Undertail did he use Stunnah, and what was the color combination. Any pictures?i have to decide pretty soon here.