Undertail Wanted!!!!!


I need an undertail for my bike and I saw a thread on here where a guy named Silvio has a great one.. Help anyone? Has anyone here got pics from a purchase from him?
3 posts in 8 months? Is that a record?

Should I welcome Bugsy or not? He is around longer than I do...
Ref the TOPP GUNN UNDERTAIL. www.alliedbarter.com, call the number and ask for silvio. Tell him I sent cha and mention the board and get a discount. Then after you get it installed consider my LED tail lights!:D
Thanks Icemann, I saw your post for your lights and they look good. If I was to put in the Top Gun, how hard would it be to put in your system? I don't want the integrated signals.
Easy as pie, remove the existing round tail lights by removing the two nuts on each light. Replace with my same sized same bolt up LED's. If you dont want to use the turn signal function on my lights just dont hook up the blue wires.

thats it

If you can see your current wires then yes it can. I have also taken my tail section/undertail off so many times now that I would just take it off to do it. Just my .02 cents. With the tail off its 5 min swap. With it on and some crimp connects I supply anyway. I dont see why not.