Uhhh, what's that noise ?


Went to get my bike yesterday, it was at a friends while we moved, and the new battery was dead.....AGAIN. So I charged it up, and started home. After about 15 miles everytime I would pull off from a start I would hear like a knocking noise, and get a weird feeling in the bars. It's not too bad (yet). It's kinda like if you pull off in too high of a gear ? I put it in the shop to fix the electric problem, and asked them to look at it. I KNOW, they're going to call me, and say clutch....gears....motor. Anybody have any idea what it could be. I know it's hard to diagnose over a computer.

It also got stuck in neutral once when going from 1'st - 2'nd, that's the 3'rd time this has happened to me, and once going from 5'th - 6'th. But I think I was wimp shifting, LoL

Could this be a sign of the chain & sprockets, or plugs ? Never changed either.

20,000 miles
chage oil every year
all stock except for full Hindle, and PCIIIusb & map
If the knocking noise is down by your feet it's the chain. Mine would knock when taking off and I've discovered it's the chain drying out even though I lubed it per the manual.
I was looking through some older threads, and it seems like the 2006 LE's are REAL bad for this, but most of them had low miles (under 5K). Mine just started doing it (just passed 20K). I just don't understand why it only does it sometimes, and after I've been riding for a while. It does kinda feel like it could be the chain ? My brother was calling it "clutch chatter" ?? I guess I'll see what the mechanic says. The only thing worse than a crazy price to fix it is, "we didn't find anything".