Im running Bridgestones BT56's but looking to change to Dunlop D207's.
Has anyone changed from Bridgestone's to Dunlop's. If so, what's your opinion????
Dunlops are nice and sticky and warm up fast. If you want to do mostly cornering, get the 180. Don't expect to get high mileage from them, though. I haven't tried other brands. Rennsports are good from what I hear, maybe Metzlers, too (not sure on cost). Might also try the Bridgestone BT-010 as a higher mileage tire (those are fairly cheap, too, not so sticky, though).
I have tried the Bt56ss and the 010's both are ok tires. Haven't tried the Rennsports. I have pilot sports on my Busa and what a difference over the above mentioned tires. They are more expensive than the Bridgestone's but their performance is way better expecially if you do a lot of twisties they allow you to get to your desired lean angle more quickly and make you feel like your on rails through the corners. Living in Arizona I don't seem to have any issues with them coming up to temp fast but I have read that they take longer to get up to operating temp but once at temp look out cause there isn't a better tire on the market unless you go with soft compound race tires........................
What kind of mileage do you get out of your pilots? Using a 190? Anyone tried the new 200+ mph rated pilots yet?