Stuck between a rock and a sticky place


I'm trying to pick a new tire and I need some help.
I had Bridgestones BT56 burnned them up
I'm riding on Dunlop's 207zr's
I'm thinking of buying Metzler Sporttec M-1 Supersport
I've got Pirelli'S in the back of my mind.
What do you think.
I have been running metzlers on my Busa since I wore out the stocks ... I used to run them on my 900RR never had a problem . I run the canyons just about every weekend when the weather permitts and the metzlers are fantastic on this machine.. The bike is really sure footed..

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I just got a pair of Metzlers also, and they have great grip!
The metzler's are very sticky, but they also wear out very fast. I got 2900 miles out of the rear and I'm seeing steel chords, and I got 4300 out of the stock BT56J's. Most of my riding is on the flatlands although I get to the mountains about one day a month, almost 100 miles away. If you can't get to the curvy roads quickly, you might want to consider something that doesn't wear so fast, unless you got plenty of money to burn. High speed runs absolutely square off these tires right down the middle. Great track tire, but if you ride a lot of straight roads, well you get the idea.
i've only changed the rear on mine so far... went with the stock bt56 so I dunno which is better.. but I did find a pretty good price on them at maw online $117.58.. compared to what my crook..err.. dealer priced it at 2 hundred and 8 freeeeekin' dollars.

Dealers are all crooks!

ego - chevrolet salesman teehee! ;)
If you have connections at the motorcycle shop, dunlop 208's should be the tire for performance/dollar. Most shops can get killer deals and rebates on dunlops through parts unlimited. I have used a set of 208's on my R1 last season. They aren't a bad tire, but they do wear fast. I will probably try some of the new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas later this season on the new 03 BUSA............
Guys, you're best deals are on the web.  I'm about to order a set of Maxxis SuperMaxx's for $180 not including shipping, probably right at $200 including shipping.  I can then pay some shop about $50 bucks to put the tires on.  I'm going to buy my own tire changer and balancer in a few months and cut out the dealer altogether.  Check out the following websites for prices:    (Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse)
Metzler has been a favorite of mine for some time now, but my brother put on a set of Mich. Pilot sports late last year and he fell in love with this tire...and he leaves no chicken strips on his I rank his opinion pretty high on my meter.