Two mods...


Two of my latest mods:

Yep. Busa "Butt Lift" and tiny turn signals. The Cycle Barn ad is just to annoy the dealer that I bought it from.
TW, how bright are those signal lights?  How are they in the daylight?
The turn sigs are a bit brighter than stock. They're very bright if your looking right at them. From 25ft they're hardly visible, until you turn them on.

The turn signals are made by "Shock Racing". They do blink faster, but I like that effect so I'm not going to correct it with load resistors.

What brand of lights, I just tried some LED lights and they where way to weak to see during the day time. If yours are just as bright as the stock what brand are they?
Shock Racing makes those, and they are a little bit brighter than stock. They're almost too bright when you look right at them from cars POV.
Ah, never heard it referred to that way.

After doing undertrays and fender elmins on a number of my past bikes, I chose to keep the mudflap, er, airbrake on my bus. Better for all weather touring methinks.

Those blinkers look nice, btw.
I also moved the plate bracket up and tilted it out a bit to catch most of the tire spray. I get a few drops on the tail, but not much.