LED Mirror Turn Signals

Not a necessary mod, but will help make you visible at night and lQQks cool too.

Remove the mirrors from the bike. Drill an 1/8" hole on the underside of the mirror housing about 1/2 inch from the mirror. Place the mirror in a oven at 250 degrees for 15 min. Then insert a 2" nail through the 1/8 hole to push the mirror outward from the housing. Dont rush it, the mirror should pop out if the housing has been heated enough.

Etching the mirrors
1. Lay them mirrors on a towel with the backside facing towards you.
2. Apply duct tape to the backside,
3. Apply a stencile guide with the letters facing backwards Shop Now , to make whatever word you want using a marker.
4. Remove the stencil guide after you have completely marked in your choice of word using a dark colored marker.
5.Then cut out the letter using an exacto knife. Shop Now . This will leave the exposed peice of glass that will be ectched using an air eraser
Air Eraser/Etching Kit .
6. Mount a Led strip with some adhedsive and the color your choice to the inside of the mirror housing Now find a way to pass the wire through the housing by drilling or cutting a small orfice for the wire to pass through.
7.Heat the mirror back up just enough to be able to push the mirror back into the mirror housing.
8. With the mirros mounted back on the bike with the wire hanging, attach the Positive side of LED to + side of Turn signal, and Negative side of LED to - side of turn signal..
9. For stock mirrors you can dress it up by using black wire loom to conceal the wire along side of the mirror stem.