Turbo: What's the point?


Not to sound like a doofus, but for those (most) of us uninitiated into the turbo busa world that just ride around town and highways for the casual fun of it, is there any point in spending money on making the Busa faster? I mean, I have to hold back as it is, ya know?

For someone who is happy with his basic mods (exhaust, X-TRE, windscreen, new seat etc...) what are the next stage of mods and associated costs?

Boring out motor

What is the most maintenance-free major mod to take the Busa to the next level in performance?

I'd guess the majority of Busa owners don't have turbo or NOS and don't ever plan on going that route. Are there other major mods I can look into? I know of Power Commanders and customer maps....

The Big Red One

The rush of riding a turbo bike has to be experienced to be believed.....its alot like the first time you ever rode a fast bike, only magnified a 1000 times :thumbsup: If you love big rushes then you'll be instantly and forever hooked the first time you ride a boosted bike :beerchug: and thats all you'll ever want to own. They really are more addicting than crack :laugh:


A good working turbo setup is very fun and comfy to drive. I would never buy a car without turbo. My BMW 335i twin turbo delivers about 330 whp with just a light tweak and outruns most normally tuned Chevy SB, the 1/4 mile is done in low 13's with ease and 0-60 takes less than 5 seconds. The same applies for bike turbo's; there is nothing like it. For the Busa though, it it is not needed to me (at the moment). But more power is never wrong...


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well very simpile, once you go go turbo you want go back. yes it makes that much of a difference, the main thing is ride to your abilities, if you can handle more then the turbo is the answer. there is a magnified diff between stock and a turbo bike.

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