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Man o man! Changed plugs yesterday and wow! Busa runs way stronger and smoother. I highly recommend a tune up for everyone this summer. Also changed to Superwhite XENON bulbs for headlamps and these are great for under $20 but a caution I broke both retaining clips
1 plastic the other a metal spring clamp. I tried to be careful but hard to reach... just read your manual and remove the upper inner fairing to see and reach better.

And any plug experts out there? How do these look after 11K miles, normal?

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They look as they should with the possible exception of the second from the left. It looks kinda funky, but that tan color looks right.
These are how mine looked after 4K miles. I am thinking that mine are running too cold and should go up one heat range. The ceramic insulator on both of ours is black. The prefered color is dark tan. But if you see white and/or glassy then they are too hot. Black is carbon from incomplete combustion. Wet looking plugs are either way too rich fuel mixture (plug fouling) or the cylinder is burning oil. After it warms up around here I am going to ride it really hard and hot and then pull a plug to check the color. Sometimes if the engine doen't get warmed up and ridden hard the plugs will soot up.
ok, how bad is this. I bought my plugs like two weeks ago just havent got around to putting them, then I come on and see the thread. So guess what I did tonight. Thats right, put mine in too.

Big differance. I like it. Shes pullin like a newborn and running like a top, now all I need to see is if it takes care of some other problems I was having.

By the way, when I was takin off all the air lines form the air box I noticed on the line on the left hand side had a filter on it. I was wondering if this is a air filter or a fuel filter? The thing its self is about .75 of inch long with an orange tip. Any help on what this is....
Honestly, you can tell a lot from plugs that have been run for thousands of miles. You can make overt judgements, like way too rich or way too lean, but normal used plugs should look as those above do. If you really want to use plugs for testing rich/lean etc. Put in brand new plugs, run at WOT in second gear for a few seconds. Shut the bike off with the kill switch, pull the plugs and have a look. Otherwise, you bike may run rich at the low end and lean at the top and you will just be looking at the "average" conditions on those used plugs.... Put it on a dyno if you really want to know how it is running.