TRE Mod Dunsky,  not too much of a difference...


I just did the TRE mod this weekend and I am not really sure if i feel a difference. Most likely because the bike only has 500 miles on it and i didn't really get used to the bike the way it was from the factory. It does feel smoother, but power wise i can't really tell. It is having the hard starting problem now once and awhile. What do i gotta do to get this bike to power wheelie up in 2nd?? I am thinking of maybe throwing a sprocket in it. Next mods are going to be Slipons and an undertail.
What do i gotta do to get this bike to power wheelie up in 2nd??  
heh, simply twist your wrist and hold on tight
Actually at 500miles you're right you haven't got the feel for the busa yet. I had over 7000 miles before i did the TRE mod and noticed the difference the first ride out. There was a smoothness in throttle response and handling. As for the added horsepower ----its MYTHICAL ... it only exists in the minds of people selling and producing homemade TRE's they are trying to selling for $20 or more ... The TRE derestricts the high end limiter which is different than ADDING horsepower to the bike :blush:

If I'm wrong somebody with more expertise please feel free to correct me.