2007 Busa small mods questions?


I was hoping I could get some questions answered around mods for my bike.
I have a 2007 Busa with a K/N airfilter Yoshi r22 slipons and a TRE. I also put iridium plugs in and just bought a DynoJet PCIII. "Not yet installed"
Will the PCIII work with the TRE on it? Should I get it Dyno'd or just load a custom map for my mods on the PCIII and call it good? Any other suggestions?


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:welcome: to the oRg. With the mods you have you probably really didn't need the PC III, but if you plan on putting a full exhaust on it down the road you'll need it. The baseline maps are pretty good.


I have the pc111 usb and to tell you the truth you are better off just selling it and getting the ecu editor to flash it trust me after adding the pc3 usb then you go to the hub then front screen then ignition module then--- then -- you get the hint and after all that you have no room left and a bunch of electronics to deal with not to mention all the time it takes to do a nice wireing job:laugh: good luck do your homework the least I can do is save you money and frustration:thumbsup: dont get me wrong the system can do alot a whole lot but I see others do the same stuff and still have room under the seat or hump???