Track Bike


I am 6'3" and looking to get a track bike........... Anyone on here who is tall and races? What are you driving?? Not looking to be a pro just weekend stuff at the local track...... Had a 600 and it was stufffy but I never tracked it...... Have tracked the busa but its too heavy in the corners
Racing or track days? If your just going to do track days find an already tracked out bike, cheaper the better. Emphasis on cheap. There are alot of really good deals on track bikes out there if you look around.

I'm 6'1" 220. Riding a 03 GSXR 1000 moving to a '11 GSXR 600. The 600 feels kind of weird in town but on the track it feels transparent.

If your going to get into club racing you'll need to get into the rulebooks and figure out what is legal in the classes your looking at competing in.

6'3" 235#. I've done a dozen track days on the busa. Ohlins suspension front and rear. I've pushed her to the edge, and a little past it. I picked up a GSXR750. I've put ~1,500 steet miles on her. First track day on the GSXR is Sunday.
Thanks Gents...... I appreciate the help...... I was thinking a 750 but 600's come pretty damn cheap. I am looking for one that runs doesnt have to be pretty........
6'2" 190 have a R1 track bike. raced 250s for a bit did a year in a sv650 class, was going to race 600 class but didn't have the time or $$ to do it, my last bike was a R1 that i sold to get my buss, well the guy i sold it to almost killed himself and his wife on it went down ( no real damage) and she made him sell it, i sold it to him for 3500 and then 2 weeks later bought it back for 1k lol
Track bikes aren't by design meant to be comfortable, they are meant to perform. I am 6'3" as well and I ride anything with two wheels and make it work. My own personal track ride is a GSXR1K and I dearly love that bike. Aftermarket vortex rearsets with the pegs as high as they will go. Not all that comfortable but the trade off is keeping the pegs from dragging.

If you are a big guy and you have fast tracks a liter bike is hard to beat for fun although they are less forgiving and seem to abuse tires with relative ease.