AMA Track Fontana, CA

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Hello all here are couple of pics from my last track day.  Fontana is a fast track!  Lots and I mean lots of run off if you blow a corner.  I didn't blow any but man that 600 screams!

Marc "howlin mad"

PS. I have the yellow and black bike.

Hey, good to see you on the track again Howlin'!!!

Nice pics!!
Boy, I'd LOVE too Nick, but I lack the skillz, the money, the track, the gear.... I have the nads, just no place to use'em ;)
Nick I will be at the Streets of Willow on the 5th of Sept. You interested?

Marc "Howlin Mad"
NICKSLICK: Great video!
I did my track day at Firebird Speedway in Phoenix and had a blast but would love to do one on Fontana. I saw about 170 on your speedo; I was only able to get about 130 on our smaller track.:p
Nice Marc. Hey was that a steering dampner hangin out?
I see youswitched to ARAI. Me too.

Call ya bro. I'm jealous..........
Nick Fast track riders is hosting the Streets on Sep 5th. Would be good to see you out there.

Marc "Howlin Mad"