Tour Master tank/saddle bags?


I have a quick question about the Tour Master or Cortech soft saddle bags. How do these things mount to the tail and how do they stay secure. Do they strap over the rear seat or do they go under the seat. The reason I ask is that I would really like to find something to use that I wouldn't have to use the rear seat with and could leave the rear hump installed instead. I was hopeing that if they secure by going under the seat that they could go under the hump as well.

Also looking at getting the 21 litre tank bag as well. I need to have enough room for 4-5 days. Hopefully this will be enough. I guess I can always put on a backpack if I need a little more room.

I have searched and it seems like quite a few guys really like these saddle bags. I have bought touring bags for cruisers before but never for any sportbike, so I'm trying to get a little info on what I might look for.
Can't help you with the saddlebags, sorry.
However, I have 2 tank bags from TourMaster both 10 years old. While neither appears new they are both still holding up fine. Only just now beginning to show any signs of wear.
Also debating weather to go with the Tour Master (17 litre per bag) or the Cortech (20 litre per bag). Not much of a difference between the two, but I'm thinking the 3 litre difference might be enough for an extra pair of pants.
Tank bag I think thats my middle name I have 3 the first is a bagster tha intergrates with a full tank protector it large enough to bring anything you want mounts extreemly easy to protector but is a little large . It hangs over the tank to far so you are leanning on it during your ride it takes a little getting used to.I also have a sargent cycle tank bag it has a lot of bells and whistles in which I like but the durability isn't there but they have great customer service.I recently purchased the TB18 tourmaster.It is great has good functionability and pretty rugged as well.I know you didn't ask for all of that but I'm bored.

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