Tank bag or saddle bags?

This set up works great for me.

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I'm such a young busa driver.. As I just got a backpack and now realize I'm still on the porch and yet to see the yard with the big dogs.. lol

Hey man,I just turned 40 and still use a backpack, that thing weighed about 40lbs this morning..ha.but i dont care, no way am I putting a tank bag on my bike, just dont like the look.
I bring a backpack with me on my trips, but I only use it for very light items, my empty water bottle( to be re-filled at the campsite) my sandwich I bought for lunch, extra shirt, or extra gloves....stuff like that.

Maybe a map or two.....I will try to post a pic of my bike all decked out for traviln' n' campin'. I tell you though, I have come close to dropping it, oh, about a million times. It gets heavy with the gear on it and I have to maneuver it around gravel roads, uneven camp grounds ect.

Man, for me its a workout. But I am 5'4 and 120 lbs so YOU try to muscle around a fully loaded busa by yourself!!!