TopGun Tail


What clips are you guy's using on your Topgun tails?, Extreme Graphic recommend using the burr type clip, but they are such a Bastid to get out again.
I assume they feel the stock type does not grip enough, I was working on a Mitsubishi Lancer
(well it's called that in Australia!)
If you checkout the photo's you will see that they use a similar clip to the stock one, however it is slightly larger in width, do you reckon these would hold better, or is there something else better out there?.
I received my top gun tail yesterday, and did the install last night. I used the stock clips, which seemed to go in and clip securely. Nothing in the instructions about using different I need to change them out?? Install went smooth, looks great, need to finish up the wiring tonight.

Took 2 hours to install, but I need to do the wiring yet. Used a dremel to cut most of the plastic, and a hack saw blade for the harder to reach areas. Will post pics tomorrow of the completed job.
Ive done many many top gun installs and used stock clips with out problems.  

I have plenty of those LED tail lights for anyone interested.  They were designed for the top gun undertail annodized to match.

Sorry had ta get the plug in.

Here is a set on NICKSLICKS beauty of a beast carbon fiber busa with the LED tail lights.

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