Top speed


Just curious. Whats the fastest speed attained on a Busa?(personal top speeds, not Magazine info.) Thanks.

-Will (98 Gixxer 600)
Not absolutely positive but I think that motorhead ran 240 on the interstate in his turbo busa... Thats the fastest that I have heard of.. I know that it sounds crazy, but never doubt "THEMOTORHEAD"......

Narcissus can you confirm or deny?
~270 MPH by NLR, I believe. Lowered, stretched turbo making around 450 RPHP. I'll dig that one up to be sure, but I know for sure it was 270 something.

323 MPH is the world record top speed for a stream-line cycle making only 150 RWHP with an un-confirmed 380 MPH back-pass. I think it's time to stick a busa motor in a streamliner and set it free on the salt flats.  
My speedo stops at 185, my bike doesn't.
I have had it pegged for about 30 seconds.
don't know what speed it was going but it was fast.
As regards top speed it simply isn't worth looking at your speedo to ascertain your top end. At flat out pace its likely that your shown speed will inacurate by as much as 10-15%.

The only way to find out true top speed is to use proper timing gear or a GPS system that can be verified accurate.

I have ran mine at 207mph clock speed which was translated through the timing lights at 181.9mph. I have ran a ZX12R at an indicated 217mph which came through at a true speed of 195.9mph.

I have ran varoius Rhinos through the timing lights and the speed shown on the clocks varies massively compared to the actual speed given by the timing guys...