Tone Change


Hey guys (gals)...I'm not complaining...just observing..It seems to me that the tone of the board is/has changed a great deal from even just a year ago...I realize that some of that is due to the friendships and the playful banter but there seems to be another undercurrent there...Don't know what it is...Maybe it's just me...
I agree, I was gone for like 6 months and the people were the same, but they is a different "tone", maybe its just the winter weather, i dunno
What kind of changes, do I need to ban someone so that everyone else gets that warm fuzzy feeling, huh huh do I ?

A worse tone or a better tone, or just different?

I think the change is for the better. I’ve always enjoyed coming to this board and I believe the winter weather has made for some more lively conversations. In the past the board had a vanilla feel to it, what I mean by that is that if you didn’t agree with the standard quo and had an opinion other than what was considered politically correct or non confrontational you were threatened with being kicked from the forum.

I agree with the format of the board not allowing any nudity or foul language. If you need that fix there are enough places on the internet to find it other than this forum.

That was my warm fuzzy moment…  â€œGroup Hugâ€￾
I think things here are good. Granted there is some fighting, arguments, and bickering here but the fun that we have out weights it. Just like any normal family. When I visit those other sites I see a lot of anger and name calling. It may seem different to the regulars but from an outsiders point of view it makes it look like a bunch of hatred. Seeing that makes me like this site that much more. Like Darkeyce said over the last year friendships have formed and that is another thing that makes this site what it is. We have gone through some rough times where some members have taken time away and I can't say that I blame them. But again when you get a lot of people from all over the globe in one room there are going to be some confrontations. What some people see as funny others find insulting and offensive. That is when we have to except the opinions of others and be willing to work it out, not egg it on and upset everyone that stops by. I have read that others say that we think that we are above everyone else. This is normally after some new member comes by and in some way insults one of the regulars and the rest of us jumps all over them. I am guilty of this. I stand up for my friends and so do most (if not all) of the members here. From an outsiders point of view that could make as look like a bunch of a#^holes, but thats what friends do. As for the under current I'm not to sure but it could just be the normal clash of attitudes that will be present in any large group. What we have here is a good thing and I only wish that we were all closer and could have more get togethers.
Sorry for the long post
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I like this place, the people are great!!! This place is helping me get through the winter down time from riding. I can't wait till spring.....
Aloha Dark & all my fave folks! This place is great and all u all is my busa buddy's! Sometimes I am up and down so plz forgive me but it's all good man. No prob!

Keep the faith!
I like the site so well that I had to come and get my morning fix...I think what is most noticeable is the lack of deep/bad confrontational threads...I've been guilty of that in the past but promised to do better...We can all continue to give our perspective on any issue but we don't have to change the topic to get our point across...
I have been here since Nov-ish 02', but I haven't noticed a change since then. I prefer to frequent the other org and SK's site as well as this one so I get many different views. I like the attitude here. It really is pretty good. The poeple are all cool. I can understand a little frustration in the winter, but it's all good.
I think a lot of it is winter (Cabin Fever) but also some members are intolerent of different points of view that may not be politically correct. So lots of times I don't say anything just because I know some are sensitive to certain issues.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I can see how we can come across as being above everyone else, especially when a new person comes in a bit abruptly. We're all friends here and I like to see so many new people coming the board. It seems the ones who look around for a while and see the "tone" of the board, can ease right in. If someone jumps in with foul language, naked pics, and advertising their products all over the place, sure, we take offense. There's room for everybody, but we like it the way it is here, and we're trying to keep it that way.
Just my 2c,
Great Board, dont change a thing.. except folks need to place a few more pics of there bikes on the gallery

Been here since the first of the year. Not long enough.
We need more pics ....
Well I guess that cleared it up for me.

I guess it's just the winter/cabin fever. We're so close to being able to ride again (Northeast coast). Thanks for the observations. But like i said...not complaining...If I did all you guys would gang up on me

Leaving me with a lasting impression
that could easily be misconstrued by outsiders.