Todays ride...pic

Kevin in Va.

Thanks to this board, a group of Busa riders got together today and had a helluva ride.
From Abingdon by the lake to 421 across to Shady Valley, then onto Mountain City over to Elizabethton, Tn. Some of the best Bike roads I have been across ! Great bunch of guys and a great ride.
Along the way we met another member of this board from Erwin Tn.(name Here) and my Brother,whom thwarted a crime , Long story
Anyways, from left to right......Chris(TNJ's Son), Pure Ego, Kevin in Va, TNJ,Erwin=Busa Biff?
Kevin in Va.

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It was a great ride, if anyone would like to tag along this summer, you would be welcome. Kevin, I believe the guy on the right of pic was busabiff. Maybe he'll post and let us know. Nice to meet new faces and see other busas.
where did the rest of the pics go?
Ego you look just like Chestnut I guy that I have worked with for several years...Are you sure your not him...He called in sick the same day you were out riding...  
.. he was obviously a very handsome fellow, but no... it twas not I.


I took a camera on this trip also... but being the forgettful, simple minded creature I am.. only snapped one pic. hahah.
Here is one pic of the bikes, seems we didn't park well enough to get one group shot of the bikes that looked neat.
This pic is the top of the hill on 421, Johnson county,Tenn line.
Should have taken a pic of the BMW, that would give you something to talk about

Tim, Chris, Brian have Individual pics of your bikes, if you want me to send them to you.Large file.

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Nice pic's guys..............But where are the BUSA shirts? I'm starting to miss not having any place scenic to ride.
No thanks on the pics Kevin, we have a few already. It would have been neat to have a few photo's of the neat curves also.
I really miss not having that kind of scenery around here.............Oh yea just kidding about the shirts! Again nice pic's guys.