curtis T

I was reading in the service manual that the tip over sensor, located under the fuel tank bracket, activates when an angle of 43 degrees is "sensed" and shuts down the fuel supply to the engine.
I undersand why this is needed, but to me, 43 degrees seems like not enough allowable angle before this "kicks" out the fuel.If it's on the ground it would be 90 degrees. MY question is...has any body had stall issues when riding hard through the twisties?
I'm not sure what the max lean angle is for the busa, but some bikes will do 49 degrees, theoretically exceeding the point at which the TOS would shut down your engine. However, the speeds necessary to maintain a lean angle past 43 degrees would be fairly high, and I would assume that centrifugal force would hold the mechanical 'arm' in position, so that it wasn't actually reporting any lean angle at all. Only standing still would the TOS presumably operate, in which circumstance 43 degrees would be indicative of excessive lean.
Here is an educated guess. The riders for the Formula Xtream busa's only complaint was the motor was to wide which compramised the leam angle. 49 degrees is a lot. I don't think you have to worry about it unless you are going up against Niki Hayden.
I would love to ride with Niki Hayden just to see how slow I realy am. but I would agree with both you guys, I just posted 1 of my thoughts that came up as I read through the sensor data in the service manual. (Winter in Wisconsin man....ya do alot of reading and hoping for spring!!haha!