To Scam Or Not To Scam!!!


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Well me and the wife are looking for her a bike and we came across this website with bikes for sale. NOW BEWARE most of these are probably scams but you gotta see this one here is the link! Its a turbo busa with custom paint for $5000 :rofl: I hope this isnt someones bike they stole a photo of but its funny
1999 Suzuki : Hayabusa

ill bet that 5k that they are over seas and need that money sent immediatly then they will fed ex the bike to you.
I'm gonna find out! I gotta see what a bike looks like that has both autometer AND "indiglow" gauges....:laugh:

email sent: lets see why i cant see this bike in person.
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The first phrase of the ad sounds wrong - a real rider won't phrase it like that, not to mention there is no need to mod the bike to make it reliable:

"This bike has been modified to be reliable and super fast."