Tire pressure

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I just got done running Ortega h-way out here in Cali. What tire pressure should the tires be at for canyon carving? I have been told that it should be less for the twisties than for regular street riding. Is this true?
Thanks Ninja Eater!
What magazine did you read that article in? Have you tried that kind of tire pressure?
Depends some what on what tires you buy most tire makers recommend 34 Front and 36 Rear on the Hayabusa............................Thats what I run and the tires work excellent in the twisties.................If you ride two up than more pressure is needed about 40 psi Front and Rear.....
Read in performance bike (3/02). Each month they set up a different bike for the track - given it's stock components. I've got mine at 38 and 36 but that doesn't mean a thing - I'm new to this world. I'd trust Kneb.
Thanks Kemyl! By no means am I an expert!! Hence all the simple questions that I post.