Yeah, I have the Throttlemeister on my Busa. Had it on my Triumph first, then got a new adapter and put it on the Busa. Great product, very high quality, but kinda heavy. Holds the throttle position well. On good on very long trips with open roads...
Its a very high quality item and the only cruise control that will fit the Busa. ( and no I still havent installed mine yet ... I will soon )
I have had it on 2 of my bikes. I loved it. Very well made. I did not put on the Busa because i needed a different version for the solid bars. Best l have seen.
Good stuff!
They are heavy. That helps vibration in the bars tho.
Very easy to set AND release!
Expensive, but worth the money!
I finally got mine installed. Works good. It took me awhile to figure out that mine was broken (the brass sleeve wouldn't slide out); I had to send it back for a new one. But once I got one that worked, it was an easy installation. I sand-blasted it and painted black (even looks good sandblasted); I hate that red stripe (be sure not to get paint inside the brass sleeve fitting). Looks OE; now no one knows my little secret. Looks cool with the labels too!
I used it on my Triumph Daytona 955i for trip from VA to Key West and back. The Daytona has a weird angle on the bars that killed my wrist (since traded for busa). Great bike though. The TM saved my wrist as it allowed me to get off the throttle on open road. Was very reliable, but practice, practice, practice, getting off it in braking situation. Problem is that if you are in a braking situation and pull in clutch the TM, if not released, will send your revs way up there, leading to scrambling to get it get the picture.
dude they rock man way easy to use and gives the old right wrist a brake get the long and polished ones they look awsome:p