throttle body issue


Hi, I wonder if it's possible to mess up the vac system whilst syncing the throttle bodies ? Having trouble getting them synced and in the end I did as in the instructions and turned the sticks upside down to get a steady reading. I got the bike running really nice but aftre I shut it down it would not start again. I was wondering if its possible to cut the vacuum to the system back too far and not have enough vac to operate the pump reg whilst cranking. If anyone got any idears on this I would be grateful. Oh, and does anyone know if there is a position to start with the throttle adjustment screws .
Thanks everyone Hope All Your Probs Are Small Ones.???
What year is your bike? If its a Gen II, you need software or the ECU Editor to turn off the electronics before you synch. If you don't turn off the idle control before you synch, the ECU try's to compensate...and you end up with a bike that won't run. Gen I's did not have this issue.
Thanks Falqn, My bike is 2001 model. I was not aware of the Gen11 thing ! I may just try going back to the settings I had at the start and see where I get from that. Thanks again Wackyman:beerchug:
I'd check all vacuum lines and electrical connectors to make sure you don't have a loose or leaky one. ( airbox )
Thanks I'll try the vac pipes as I had an issue with old rubber fuel lines. I went all over the electrical connections and they seem OK I also tested the sensors and they seem to be in speck. I'll let you know what happens. Regards Gene
I don't think synching the TB's will make your bike shut off, could be the fuel pump / lines or fuel air mix not good. As long as there was fuel flowing during the sync it was ok, once you shut off, the fuel pump bogged.
Let us know what you find out.
Hi, Thanks for answers everyone...I found the fuel reg filter was blocked and now for some reason I have a spark as well ! Too late to run her now though ..I'll see in a few days. Regards
if it was running fine before the synch im guessing the idle is to low. Crack the tb blades a ittle bit open and it will start. I just went thru this few weeks ago. Are you using a carbtune pro or the synch pro tool?
Hi, Sorry for late reply Busarider I been away . On my bike you can take the reg off and the filter is a tiny thing and its easy to get at and clean. Thanks for you answers. there are three filters on the pump....My bike has the external pump even though its 2001 ...I know WEIRD !
Hi, Thanks Supercharged. I have the bike running now but thanks anyway. I tried the bit with taking the blades back and it did help...I wish I had had a prod from you some weeks back LOL. I used a Carbtune .It worked fine but I found it hard to get the sticks to give me a high read in the glasses hense me tuning the unit upsidedown as per. But thanks again man. My bike is a weird mix of 2000 2001 for some reason make interesting bike to work on !
Regards Wackyman
Hi Again Supercharged, I retuned again today and got my bike the smoothest I have known it ! I found I had to sort of force myself to ignore the terrible tractor noises and backfires but when I found' that spot' to work around , I found it much easier to get a result.
All The Best ,Wackyman
Thanks wackyman, I have never seen a filter on the reg before, my pump is external too with the reg attached to the unit with cpl of screws.
Hi Busarider, I think alot of stuff on the Busa can take you by surprise! Like the tiny filters in the ends of the injectors, I wouldn't have thought to look here for a problem but dealer mech said to gve them a clean. They were not to bad though. I would be lost I think without some of the 'through experiance' stuff you can get through the forum ,it can be much better than the manuals some time. Thanks for taking the trouble to write Regards Wackyman.