This is killing me.....


So here I sit in a hotel in Taichung, Taiwan for another month.  The weather here has been in the 60's (last month) and is now up to the low 80's every day.... and sunny.  It has only rained once, and I was in Hong Kong to take a break and satisfy the visa requirements of Taiwan (and missed the rain).  I got to go home 2 weeks ago and put on the 4 into 1 D&D on my bike (Thanks again, Eric... and thanks to this website for giving me the forum to find such a great deal on it).  Ah yes, I got to experience the intoxicating sound for the first time of my Busa not exhaling through those stock cans.  I was an official throttle blipper the entire first day on it.  Then the weather got bad (actually snowed in Tennessee) and then I had to leave back for work here.  It was painful to say the least.  

There are few, if any motorcycles here in Taichung that are over 125cc's, and most of them (billions) are scooters.  I even found myself eyeballing one of the scooters for rent.... don't think it would quite satisfy the urge tho'.    While I was up in Taipei (the big city in Taiwan) I did catch a glimpse through a Suzuki dealer's window of a silver Busa... brand new......just sitting there.... taunting me.  My Mandarin Chinese isn't good enough to talk them into a test ride, and the traffic here has to be seen to be believed.  Chaos ain't the word.  

Well, I have ranted.... and I still miss my bike.  Looks like three more weeks and I get to come home.... hopefully the weather will be nice by then.......
That sucks.........make it home safe.........and don't rent a scooter, someone will run you over on the damned thing.
Well glad you got the pipes on so you'll be ready to roll as soon as you get in... As for the'll only make you mad, especially if that silver busa blows by you... Enjoy the sights and have a great trip... By the way is the Star Ferry still running in Hong Kong and did you go up to North PArk while you were there..
I feel your pain, it's been raining here for three days and I'm 13 feet from my 'Busa, might as well be 13000 miles.

I was in Taipei for two weeks, years ago, and did get a chance to ride a scooter around for a while. Thrilling? Whew! Ok, just slow down for the stop signs. Tall white guys riding scooters get more looks than on a new 'Busa at home. Traffic, yes but notice they're always moving, cutting people off, changing lanes, crowding, but always moving. Well...when in Rome...
I do envy you for the food though, best Chinese food ever.
13,ooo miles ..major will be in Busa heaven when you get back...Get home safe...let us she run's
I know how you feel about not being able to ride. My bike is only about 13 miles and I can ride it. It will be probably another month atleast for me. Once my leg heals I'll have to go for a long ride.