Thinker's Secret Mod


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OK, this mod is not for the faint at heart because you will have to cut or drill holes in your Inner Fairings.

The concept is get music on the Busa that is great for cruising up to about 70mph and awesome for posing or hanging out. At higher speeds, the stereo is piped directly into the helmet.

1. I put 4" speakers under the Inner Fairing. My friend drilled holes in the inners to let the sound out, but I cut a large hole for best sound. I covered the speakers with the same red screens I used in the fairing mod.

Getting the speaker to fit on the left side required a lot of manipulation to the wire harness that is located in that area.

2. My choice for music source was an IPOD, which comes in 3 versions. I went with the middle version which stres something like 3,000 songs. The IPOD is mounted to a Stem Stand and comes off very easily. The Stand can be oriented in either direction. Velcro holds the POD in place.

NOTE: The IPOD is very small, compact and cool, but there is one problem for this application. The controls are touch sensitive, and seem to sense body heat...thus, they do not work with gloves.
Godd thing hours of music can be organized into play lists.

The other problem is that it is rechargeable. The charge dos last for 4 hours, but if you forget and leave it on, you are screwed for at least an hour while it recharges.

3. The IPOD goes to an AMP hidden in the trunk. These are very difficult to find. Most are just too large. My friend found this one for me.

4. I use a switch to turn the AMP on, so that I can run it with all the other power off. The second switch controls my LED's mounted in the scoops, behind the grill.

Replacement Inner Fairings are actually pretty cheap, so go for it.

I have a date for a picnic this weekend. Off to the lake...turn on some tunes and chill. Should be cool.
Nice work Thinker ---- Between you and Lo .... I may not have enough money left over to put gas in the busa ...... NOT!!!!
Hey Greg... when i seen this at Laguna, i thought it was the best mod done yet. LOL

must be nice with the music going on that long ride.
Nice go'n G I've couldnt have done a better job myself.  For anyone else looking to do this mod look at purchasing the "Nomad Juke box Zen" with DSP (digital EQ) it has a battery life of 14 hr,8000 song capacity with and push button control that you should be able to operate with your gloves on and also has a wire remote control with a built in radio that can be purchase separtely .  Here is photo of my Jukebox with the upgrade wire remote and  radio with voice recording capability.
Here is myNomad Juke box with wired remote with built in turner and microphone .

I looked at the Nomad also, and it is very nice. I think it is a little cheaper than the 30 GB IPOD (7500 songs). I did not go with it cause it is about 2.5 times larger than the IPOD, and I also use the IPOD when working out. I may look at it again due to longer battery life and eas of use with gloves.
Not to bad huh for 8000 songz and wired controlled with turner. I'll take one more of the heavy duty case that come with it. Believe me once you put your Juke box Zen in this case aint go'n no where once it is strapped.

Lock ring with velcro strap. Sucka is locked on you like a seatbelt.