Things I learned at the Fall Bash (2010)


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1. There are several interesting uses for a Crowbar.
2. There is solidarity to be found in zip ties.
3. There is definately an "us" and a "them", though the population of each group is a matter of perspective.
4. There is a new superhero among us; Trailer Trash, the New Hampshire Redneck!
5. Dave Grumpy's favorite fruit is Raspberry!
6. No matter how many times you say it - Zoinks! never gets old.
7. When Michelle drinks "The Yeager", she will do anything. Seriously!
9. Diana is the coolest wife ever - that is why she is an HRH!
10. Mike can sling some habenero jerky!
11. Budding Bromances are a beautiful thing!
12. There were even gay dinosaurs...
13. Anything will burn - and HOT!
14. "have you seen my little shiney rocket?"
15. With Tom, you cannot underestimate the sneakiness!

Nick -
Thank you for making the Bash an amazing time. You put up with me and for that I am greatful - the bell was awesome, and the coin was over the top... I can't wait for the spring!

Dave and Angela -
As usual, thank you for your hospitality! You guys rock...

John and Nicole -
I had a great time, sorry your trip started out so rough, but I am thrilled you guys got out and hit it!

Tim, Ted and Pappy -
Oh, those socks! Ted, next time I will make sure to leave room in the trailer! Tim, it was great to see you - too bad Hailey was busy...

Tom -
Thank you for once again gracing us with your AWESOME! I appreciate the Gang Signs; I salute you sir!

Mike -
The Jerky was amazing - I will send you my address. Thanks for the email, it is motivating...

Dan and Di -
You guys are awesome -

Kevin -
I have three words for you - ZOINKS!

The other Kevin and Dad -
Thanks for coming, let me know how the 87 works out...

Howabusa -
Had a blast, can't wait until spring.

DK2, Yeager Bomber and LiL' Willie -
Thank you guys so much for coming - what a treat!

Jon, Scotty and Peter -
You guys were awesome, I am sorry to hold you all up on the Dragon!

Omar and Michelle -
Thank you both so much for stopping by... the party definately turned when you all showed up...

I had a great time and in many ways this was the best bash so far for me... I am thankful that it was a good and safe trip - I can't wait to do it again!

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Don't forget the "Cheerleader Beer"!

Oh! And don't invite passersby for a beer..they never leave.
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I learned that I should have stayed in Kentucky... :poke:

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* Michelle REALLY likes Jaeger Bombs :whistle: :moon:
* Pappy has got some snazzy socks
* Peter plays with wood
* Shawn is the creeper master
* Always keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your vehicle

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Wow, I made the top 10? Thanks. :blush:

What I learned at the Bash:
Shawn is really interested in dinosaurs


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I learned the difference between creeper and creepy........(right? Angela)
OMG! There's a picture of him!! Now those buggy eyes will be with me forever. Thank goodness Ace refused to sell him a cigarette. :rofl:
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Keep some duct handy just in case Gixerhp invites anymore serial murderers to hang out with us.

I knew he wasn't right when he drank Yuengling in the can and asked for more.

Note to self.....bottles next time


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so that's who you guys were trying to get me to talk to last night, glad he said no thanks :thumbsup:


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so that's who you guys were trying to get me to talk to last night, glad he said no thanks :thumbsup:
Actually, "you guys" should be Omar since he was last in line for the phone.
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Favorite quote of the bash is not safe for forum posting but my signature says what came in close second.....:laugh:

Third on the list for the evening was to MC Mustang
You are faster than Omar!


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Shawn, thanks for the Description change! I am the Crowbar!

Sorry you are down to just owning one "Major" coin now, but rest assured that the other one has a place of prominance at my humble home.

One the heck DID you catch up to me at the light in town?

One other question: So if we are in a bar and you dont have your dragon coin and I dont have my Raptor..who buys the beer? ???


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I learned many things at this Fall Bash. I'm sure there will be more. These were the ones that stuck out the most, not in any particular order of importance:

1. As always: watch what you say and how you say it. Especially around Kevin and John. Because comments such as "shiny little rocket" and a comment I can't post here CAN and WILL be taken out of context.

2. Michelle likes her men to wear long black stockings.

3. When traveling read the warnings before leaving for your destination:


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