Thermostat temp Gen 1


Does anybody offer a lower temp thermostat for a Gen 1? I don't know if Gen 1 and Gen 2 use different temp thermostats.

Also, does the computer richen the fuel mix when the motor is running cooler than it normally would with the engine warmed up ?

I assume it does when cold starting but that isn't what I looking for here.

As an example... 180 thermostat and the engine is running around 190 F. If you drop the coolant temp to 170 will the computer use a richer map to compensate to the lower temperature?
Guessing,but would highly doubt ECU would alter mixture with only a drop of 20 degree's.

To find a cooler thermo you will need a parts guy to chase the part number. I would guess you would need a thermostat from another model if you wanted one to help run cooler.I'm sure someone has done it,just need them to chime in.

The usual not working for you...Muzzy fan,2 fans,engine ice(or similar) etc.


Me Happy ? :laugh: Most of the time... especially when I am out twisting the throttle! Just looking for information that leads me to believe their are a few easy ponies to find with lower engine temps and the computer compensating with a richer mix. My bike is stock except for the Yosh pipe so far. As I understand most engines in general have max fuel economy is around 14.7 on the air fuel mix. Max power is usually around 12.5. I am just looking for more fuel without tampering with anything else besides the thermostat... if... the old gen 1 computer will accomodate me here. I am here to ask and learn to find out what I can. Next time I pull out the thermostat I am going to measure its physical dimensions and start looking for something from another application that might give me what I am looking for. I don't have an over heating problem. I have fresh refill of Blue ice and Muzzy fan already installed. My journey with the Busa is just beginning ( my 2nd ) while decades of experience are out there with countless hours of tuning and modifications evolving every week in the aftermarket Busa business . I am willing to bet their are more than just a couple secrets out there that the gurus have learned from experience and trial and error. I know for a fact in my LT5 all aluminum car engine you gain about 1 hp for every degree you drop the engine temp. Since our engines are all aluminum... you surely understand my curiousity.
Did you find a lower temp unit yet? I'll be at the shops tomorrow looking for a thermostat for my nephews Honda CBR 900RR. The thermostat in that bike is set for 100 C. ??? 212 degree's before it tells the fan to turn on.:errrr: But thats the way they came stock. I'm surprised they haven't all melted.:laugh:

BTW...yer theory will be easily proved on the dyno. You cant trust a "twist of the wrist" to prove yer theory really. But a couple pulls with each thermo and you will have OUR answers. :thumbsup:

Honestly doubt that keeping the temp lower gives you extra power. I also doubt there is a thermostat with lower temp setting because it is set for the most optimal temperature for the engine - which is pretty much constant. You could gut the existing thermostat to let more coolant go through - this will lower your temperature noticeably although it would not keep it constant around 170 as you want it to be. In really cold weather, the temp may go pretty low.

My bike has gutted thermostat as part of a turbo setup. Even today at close to what, 75-80 degrees, the temp was well below the middle (8 o'clock; the middle corresponds to 9 o'clock). When it was 40 degrees outside, the temp was slightly above cold (7 o'clock/ the cold mark is at around 6:30).
If im understanding it as the same thing. I got one some time ago and it works wonderful. I got it from schnitz
It is the Honda Accord 1998-2005 fan switch. Also run 2 fans both with muzzy fan blades, use distilled water in the radiator with dex cool anti freeze and water wetter