Extra fan mod and lower temp fan switch &thermostat


Has anyone on the site done anyone of these mods
on a gen 1 Busa

1 extra fan on radiator, did you run a toggle switch or hook it up to the other fan and go up 5 on the fuse
2 lower temperature fan switch & thermostat

All input and feedback welcome thanks
The route I went I can always change my temp sensor.






Nice pictures will a gen 2 bolt up to a gen 1 and where is the temperature sensor is that the fan switch
It bolts up but you either need to notch your fairing a bit or modify the radiator I opted to modify the radiator over my fairing lol.
Also had to make little brackets for my oil cooler I’ll send pics but easy swap all bolted up




You're the man, i wish you live close by me I would pay youvto do mine im paying my mechanic to do the Schintz fan mod





Hopefully this should work and mount up good the only thing is those long black strips has to go in the fins of the radiator hopefully it won't hurt the radiator what do you think
Hey if you ever in the NY area with your Busa I am always willing to lend a hand.
And @greg3852 has a very nice build going on with his Busa a lot of cool stuff, r1 (I think) rim, gen 2 shock, engine work and it’s one of my fav colors the plum. You gotta check it out!
Ive already purchased the parts thats probably the one Schintz is selling it doesn't mount up to the busa connector thanks for the advice 202mphbusa
On mine I installed the second fan on a switch and left the original fan alone. That way it comes on when it’s supposed to and turns off when it’s supposed to. You can simply control the second fan when you want.

Also while you’re in there be sure to change out the blades for a Muzzy Aluminum blade. I’d recommend changing both while you have everything broke down. It’s much lighter and moves a substantially more amount of air.
Hopefully this should work and mount up good the only thing is those long black strips has to go in the fins of the radiator hopefully it won't hurt the radiator what do you think
This fan is easy to put on. remove fairing, small 15amp fuse in place of 10amp, remove 3 bolts to radiator let hang place 2nd fan as far out as possible to clear header pipes. Don't use plastic mounts that go over the 4 fan holes puts them out to wide I found. Plastic rods push through radiator easily takes seconds really only the fan placement is important so it clears. If you can take the fairing off you can do this.
Cut & crimp 2 wire into old fan wires. I placed fan wide as Steve did in his pic; this was mine

View attachment 1595478
Hi.What I am doing to my cooling system. First get rid of the mechanical water pump [will need the water pump drive to run f mechanical fuel pump] I will run an electric water pump. Two fans,toggle switch for fans, gut the thermostat, engine ice and a Muzzy type aluminum fan blade.
Is it really that easy
Check the directions from Shintz to see if you can do. I bought same fan that moves alot of air. My biggest problem was that i tried to use 90 clamps & didn't have fan mounted wide enough to clear & had to get another plastic securing kit as i couldn't salvage 1 of the 4 during remount. If you can push securing plastic rods through radiator fins push on round back snip off extra; splice wire with two round tube connectors replace fuse on left front of gen1 then put bolts back in radiator then yeah that easy. I did not disconnect any lines from radiator or coolant system waste of time.