The..."recovery of o-ren"


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do'in some unexpected "post crash fix'in up" this weekend....and so far?..the cyclcat rearsets went from this..







and with a 'lil help from my friends?...


deliverd to my door this morning..Thanks Dakkine!

and now?..Jester (josh from rydersconnection) has a replacement "Woodcraft" stator cover coming my way an i need a littel help here folks...Josh was telling me that Auto Zone sells the black plastic push-pin rivets for a couple bucks a doz...where the suzi ones are like $3 each...Josh says there the ones for a "Nissan" and i found ford but no Nissan...holes measure about 1/4"... (.250") i might just buy a pack of them and try' once i get the 6 blown out pushpins back in?...O-ren will at least be back too..."Ride-Able Condition"...also?..if anybody has the right part number for "NGK Iridiums" i'd appeciate it as O-rens due for some new sparkers as well.

T.I.A. and..L8R, Bill.

Glad the rear set wasn't too badly bent up... looks good - post recovery!
Glad the rear set wasn't too badly bent up... looks good - post recovery!
Thanks...and i got it D@mn close to perfect but...broke my 4" Greatneck benchvise doing it...cracked the screwnut...but the weird part broke on.."Release Of Pressure"..but at least it's rideable and respectable for the time be'in...and as soon as i have a free moment at work?'s going in the "Hydraulic Pres" between soem high polish die plates..and then it "will" be pressed too.."Perfect".

Thanks again and L8R, Bill.
Check on in their search field. I know I read a post about the push pins and how lowes or home depot has the same pins for dirt cheap. Did your rearsets get bent and then straightened? If they were aluminum I'd test the hell out them by jumping up and down on the things. Aluminum has a way of only bending once. When you bend it back it can snap in two with no warning. Glad to hear you're jumping on the repair so quickly.
mannnn glad you got that rearset fixed! was gonna send you the set i got coming from NJ if you needed them. not as nice as yours but. WHEW!

this board rocks !!!

thanks NJ.
Coming along nicely Bill...I thought it was going to be worse.
Glad to see you were able to salvage the Cycle Cats Jinks!

I was giving some thought to the push pin debacle. I went through my Auveco ( at work and they sell literally hundreds of different sizes, lengths, configurations of push pins for Automotive. I would bet that you could find one in there that would work. You can download a copy of their entire catalog (29MB not for the Bandwidth challenged) Starting on about page 410 is where the clips start. They are broken down by Manufacturer. The smallest one I saw was a 3/16" hole size which still sounds a little large for these though. Anyway Auveco parts are stocked (or at least handled) by lots of people and you should then be able to get a bag of them relatively inexpensively.
Does anyone have the size of the Suzuki Push pins handy?