O-ren got "dyno tuned" at the bash...


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well folks?...the first thing i did when i got to deals gap was to drop by my old friend Ken Wheelers place...and had'im strap O-Ren down to his torture rack (a DJ150 upgraded too a DJ200 dyno) for a breathalizer test...


I had Ivans map in'er (for that pipe) but...against Ivans recommendations i strayed from the stock Aire Filter and went to a BMC "Race" because O-ren seemed a bit fat down low..quite fat..like burn yer nostrals "raw gas" sorta fat...and just wanted to make certain that i wasn't getting "tool lean" up top...and i wasn't...far from it...as O-ren was "FAT" across the board...even with the bmc race airfilter...and Ken took'er from a 10-11:1 ratio to right at 12:1 across the board..


not much power gain buuuut...the throttle got noticably "crisper" and that nasty azz rich smelling exhaust went away...


but the coolest part?...was my "Top Speed" results...no doubt the rewards of a GiPro combo Gear Indicator/A.T.R.E. as follows...


also?...the following day?..after i turned Grandpabusa onto the idea recommending Ken to him?...Grandpabusa took his Full Dual Exhaust HMF equipped busa to Ken and Ken worked his majic...not only tuning a 10ftlb dip out of his power curve?..but in the end?...Ken had Grandpabusa's busa putting out about 1.5 more RWHP and a 1ftlb more toque than O-rens akro race exhaust..but that could've been the result of any one of many variables...including valve settings/timing bu nontheless?...it was awesome to see Ken tune that flatspot out of the HMF..but what we also noted was this...even though Grandpabusa was putt'in out just a smidgen more power?...his "Top Speed" was only 177mph...and here's the interesting part...Ken deduced that tyhe reason for the low mph boiled down to the Metzeler M3's that Grandpa had on his busa...as evidently?...the M3's have a much lower profile...hence a smaller tire diameter...which basically equates to a sprocket change...which obviousely dosen't enhance "Top Speed" numbers..but still...both bikes were running awesome when Mr. Ken Wheeler finished his tuning majic...rendering info i thought i should share and..

L8R, Bill.
thanks for the info as always, jinks-very informative and detailed (as if I would expect anything less). congrats on the 192 reading, and glad he cleaned up that air/fuel for ya.


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(Johnnycheese @ Sep. 26 2006,16:04)
(JINKSTER @ Sep. 26 2006,20:27)
(Johnnycheese @ Sep. 26 2006,13:50) correction factor 1.07

at 70 degrees
what elevation are you at?
altitude was @ approx.  2,000 feet
it checks out if your Barometric pressure was around 29.85 (real high)
but was this is 4th gear or 5th?
the pulls were done in 4th and the speed pull was of course done in 6th...(with the GiPro atre mimicking a 5th gear mapping)...and it was a somewhat stormy weekend in the mountains johnny...if that causes a high barometric..and alls i know is Ken Wheelers good....real good...should've seen the gleem im his eye when i told'im he's got his work cut out for him with grandpabusa's HMF exhaust system...but he definantly gott'er done...put about 15 runs on my bike and about 12 on grandpa's...spending about 2-3 hours on each bike...and cost?....

$89 ea.

He cut us a break from his $129 w/ PC or?...$89 without PC...as Ken also informed me that he wished he had gotten to me before i bought a PC as he has a thing called a "TakaBox"....sumptin like a yosh box but has 100 points of adjustment rather than the yoshi's 3 points...and taps directly into the ecu via a port (that Ken says suzi don't want us to know about) that's located just behind the left side of the tailsection...and he typically charges more for PC equipped bikes as the takabox makes things easier for him to dial in.

L8R, Bill.


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If I am reading that right, you got about 156whp. Here is my question, I thought that was the, more or less, norm on a stock bike. Not disrespecting you at all Bill, just asking a question. It makes me kinda afraid to dyno mine. I don't want to find out that the money blood sweat and cussing that I have put into it give me stock #s.

The word was on Saturday that Wheelers dyno reads low.

CPU Hacker dyno'd his bike in April, and worked out around 145 rwhp, stock, so I can believe it.

Makes me feel better about the 26 I put down from my Ninja.  
And, since we have the cheeseman's attention, I'd like to pose a question:

I was under the impression that 12:1 AF was desirable for turbo engines, and that NA engines were happier and more powerful closer to 14:1.

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