The Chain


I've got a little over 2k miles on the Busa now and I was wondering:

How often you clean and lube the chain?

How often you adjust the chain?

How often you replace the chain?

I've only got 3 notches left on the stock chain after 2k miles... Looks like I'll be changing it with the tires.
Personally, I use use MAXIM CHAIN WAX. It works wonderfully and attracts NO dirt. Using the Maxim, I will probably use a 3-4K interval beween chain cleanings. I like the wax better than petroleum lubricants. I wax the chain AT LEAST every 300 miles. I have a Suzuki pro stand. Using a stand makes lubing the chain very easy. I use a piece of cardboard to keep the spray from getting on the wheel or swingarm. Just fold it 90 degrees and stick it between the chain and the wheel. Spray liberally while rotating the wheel. The other thing I like about the maxim wax is that I get no flyoff whatsoever and it is pretty much clear so the chain stays nice looking.

As far as the chain stretch goes, you always will get a lot at first but that will slow down dramatically. I would say you should get at least 15K from it, and I'm sure there are guys getting much more than that. Once the chain is shot, you'll start getting accelerated stretch again.

I had 30K on my '93 FJ1200 and still had the original chain ans sprockets and they still looked good. I used to keep the right wrist twisted pretty good with that one as well but it didn't seem to mind.

Adjust the chain when you get more than 1 1/2" of slack. If you don't keep enough slack, that is just as bad as too much. The manual gives good adjusting information. Read it.

Maxima Chain Wax made a god-awful mess on the ZX-11 that my 'busa replaced. On the OEM chain, I've used, in order:

* PJ1 (first 10,000 miles)
* WD-40 (next 12,000 miles)
* spray-on white lithium grease (next 2,000 miles)

With the PJ1 and the WD-40, I'd lube every gas stop. With the white lithium, once every 500 miles or so was enough, although it was a bit more of a crap magnet than the WD-40.

(Yes, I know, WD-40 is not a good lubricant--my goal was to keep the o-rings happy and keep the chain rinsed clean, and that seemed to work well).

I have 24,351 miles on the OEM chain, and I'm replacing it, if I can get the front sprocket nut off.
Clean after every ride with WD=40 then lube before every ride with chain bar lube...